Scott Shellis is a Birmingham videographer and filmmaker. He was born and raised in the industrial heart of England. At sixteen Scott attended art college, where he specialised in photography and later in film. In those days the format still used for this medium was 35mm film for still photos and 8mm tape for video.

Despite the shortcomings of 8mm video tape, Scott was able to produce cinematic clips and short films which captured the atmosphere and resonance of the late nineties. This was achieved using just instinctive framing and by bringing Scott's own idiosyncratic style and atmosphere to projects.

Also during this time, Scott spent much time in the darkroom developing 35mm stills and later, honing his video and filmmaking skills. Scott became obsessed with art of lighting and cinematography and this has inspired him to this day.

Scott Shellis Films provide not just a filmmaking service, but a chance to capture beautiful moments with gorgeous moving image using a combination of modern and vintage equipment. No expense is spared to create the most stunning and cinematic visuals possible.

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