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Jenny & Ben Wilkinson

The Wedding of Scott & Chelsea

The Wedding of Sophie & Ashley

Jen & Ben Engagement


Artistic, unique, cinematic wedding films.

Scott Shellis Films are passionate about encapsulating unforgettable moments perfectly for you to treasure and enjoy for a lifetime.

Using a carefully selected array of lenses and high quality filming equipment, we are constantly innovating and striving to bring you a breath taking and highly emotive wedding video.

We aim to bring a touch of art to wedding films, we want not just to make a video log of the day, but a timeless piece of work that has a seamless continuity and beautiful flow, from beginning to end.

We are constantly trying to improve and innovate, never cutting corners even if this means we must invest beyond our budgets, to stay ahead of the curb and achieve our goal to create something incredible.

Let us capture the essence of your special day.

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